Advantages of VoIP - A Brief Review

22 Feb

A business telephone system, also known as a PBX, is a multi-line phone system usually utilized in large business settings, encompassing several systems ranging from the single line phone system to the public branch exchange. In most cases, a business telephone system is made up of a public switched telephone network (PSTN or POTS) and internal switched telephone network (ISPN). Both of which are connected to a central control panel. The advantage of using the PABX System Bahrain  for large businesses is that it provides for smooth communication between different departments within a company at a high level of organization and coordination.

Now-a-days many small and medium sized businesses have decided to switch over to a dedicated business telephone system (or VoIP). VoIP is the short form of Voice over Internet Protocol, which in simple terms means that it is the voice communications over the internet, with an added functionality of transmitting the calls over the internet instead of the conventional phone lines. Many business owners, IT staff and other corporate administrators are now realizing the benefits of investing in a VoIP service, and finding that it offers them many added advantages, as well as great cost savings. In this article, we will briefly look at some basic facts about VoIP, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some considerations that must be taken into account before making the switch to VoIP.

Some of the biggest advantages of the Grandstream Phones Bahrain is the fact that it is extremely low cost, as well as the fact that it provides seamless connectivity for your employees as they move around within the various offices or locations in your business. Most businesses now-a-days have replaced their existing phone systems with VoIP systems. Now-a-days VoIP systems are offered at a variety of prices, depending on the number of lines, the speed of the broadband connection as well as other factors such as the hardware and software support. Some of the most popular types of VoIP phones include those made by Nokia, Sharp, Motorola, and Philips among others.

One of the disadvantages of VoIP is that the cost can be quite high for long distance calls, which means that it may not be economical for small businesses to switch to this type of phone system. In addition, VoIP is a complex technology and the transition from a VoIP phone system to an IP based business telephone system can take a considerable amount of time, money and effort. This is something that you should discuss with your network administrator or IT support when considering the switch to a VoIP phone system. Another disadvantage of VoIP is the lack of portability, which means that small businesses that do not have their own IT infrastructure can not use this technology.

The one advantage that really makes VoIP stand out from all the other options is its ease of integration with existing business telephone systems. Many times, the VoIP phone system will replace the existing business telephone system and the two systems will work together seamlessly. These days there are two types of VoIP solutions on the market, business telephone systems and hybrid systems. The biggest advantage of a hybrid system is that it can integrate with traditional PBX systems and then provide users with the ability to connect to any Internet connection, using any broadband Internet service.

In summary, while there are some drawbacks associated with VoIP, especially in the area of portability, its overall advantages far outweigh any negatives that it may have. For smaller businesses that need a reliable and easy to use telephone solution, then VoIP has the edge on all other options, including business telephone systems. For larger businesses that require a robust telephony solution and also want to have the option of seamless integration with their existing business telephone system, then a hybrid system may be the best option. A business telephone system may not be enough to meet the needs of your company, so it may be a good idea to consider a VoIP phone system along with your current business telephone system. Get more details about a telephone here:

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